Cormorant Studios

I am taking the plunge and fully intend on making Cormorant Studios a successful business. I have been playing with this for the past two years (I like to say I've been researching), but I should have gotten serious about it sooner. There simply is no excuse! But better late than never, as it's said....

This blog will become the landing spot for my business (my domain will be set to forward directly here). It is currently directing to my Artfire shop but I will be getting this blog rearranged, and then it will direct here.

I have a big challenge ahead of me, but I am feeling extremely motivated and have lots of ideas about making this work. After two years of 'research', I am ready! I better be ready!

Although I don't consider myself a writer, much less a good one, I am setting up a blogging schedule for myself so that I will blog more regularly. Since I will be selling supplies from time to time, I also want to feature customers' creations here in my blog. So definitely stay tuned and check back soon!



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