My 2nd job....

Just got home from class, wolfed down some dinner (grilled chicken, avocado, and a baked potato) and now I'm at my 2nd job in my studio! I have realized that if I want my jewelry to sell, I really need to treat this as a business. This means that I have a schedule.... even if it's flexible. I AM the boss, after all! But I have certain things I need to accomplish, so even though I can keep it loose to suit my creativity and work style, at the end of the week I still need to have created 7 new pieces (one piece a day, on average, is the goal... some days I'll put together 3 or 4 pieces, and other days are devoted to other tasks.....but at the end of the week, I must have 7 new pieces). Also, organizing my room - even if it's a work in progress - has definitely helped my productivity and my inspiration/creativity. It's so much easier to create new pieces when my supplies are organized and my table is semi-clean so that I have space to work.

As with any job, there are certain aspects I don't like much (like the photography - it's just tough to get good pictures of jewelry, but I know I'll get better with practice). I also have a hard time blogging... it's not for lack of ideas, either. But at least making jewelry is a fun job! And since I've begun treating it as an actual job now, I have clearer goals and more motivation to accomplish them. And with that, I am off to create some pieces!

Getting set up...

Circular Reference - Gunmetal & Brass Necklace

I am staying busy setting up my etsy shop and my Facebook fan page, taking more pictures of my products, and designing new pieces - if not actually putting them together, because I have hurt my elbow. I spent an hour on Monday evening burnishing a pot for my ceramics class, and I guess I should have taken a break! So now my elbow is in pain, but I still have work to do.... I also ordered some Moo cards and can't wait to get them! And I did spend some time online today researching some of the vintage screw-on and clip-on earrings I bought at the Antique Outlet a while back. I've decided to sell those as-is, and will have them posted soon in my etsy shop! I will post here as well, as soon as they are listed, so stay tuned!

Cormorant Studios

I am taking the plunge and fully intend on making Cormorant Studios a successful business. I have been playing with this for the past two years (I like to say I've been researching), but I should have gotten serious about it sooner. There simply is no excuse! But better late than never, as it's said....

This blog will become the landing spot for my business (my domain will be set to forward directly here). It is currently directing to my Artfire shop but I will be getting this blog rearranged, and then it will direct here.

I have a big challenge ahead of me, but I am feeling extremely motivated and have lots of ideas about making this work. After two years of 'research', I am ready! I better be ready!

Although I don't consider myself a writer, much less a good one, I am setting up a blogging schedule for myself so that I will blog more regularly. Since I will be selling supplies from time to time, I also want to feature customers' creations here in my blog. So definitely stay tuned and check back soon!


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