One more day of 2009....

I can't say I loved 2009, nor did I hate it.... it was okay. It got me where I needed to be. Spring was beautiful, I spent a lot of time in the garden... I spent a lot of time reading... I spent a lot of time at work, wishing I was outside. Quickly the summer heat, and the intolerable drought, was upon us. My garden died... I was miserable. I avoided the outdoors at all costs. The best thing about summer was adopting our puppy Starbuck on July 3rd. She will soon be 8 months old, and I am so completely enamored of her. She is a little terror though, and smart as hell, can't wait till she starts her training class next week. Fall brought many rain showers, and the plants thought it was spring - they bloomed and grew lush and beautiful! I revamped my front yard a little bit, just in time for Thanksgiving.... it's still far from done, but has grand plans for next year. It's been a cold, wet winter. I like the cold, but not the gray skies or the wetness. We visited Taos in December and it was beautiful there.... it snowed our last day there. And now we're back, and only one more day to go in this year.... I feel my organizing and cleaning itch coming on, even while I try to enjoy my laziness at the end of the year. I will soon post some of my 2010 goals. I don't want to call them resolutions... if it even matters what we call them! Will they be met or broken? Too hard to say. Will it help me keep my blog current or not? Way too hard to say. I'm not a writer... I wish I was. Every time I go back to past writings, I cringe. Nor am I a photographer, or I would have a photo blog. But in some vain hopes to revive this blog, I do plan to track my '10 goals. That '10 looks funny to me... but funny-looking or not, I'm certainly looking forward to it!

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