My 2nd job....

Just got home from class, wolfed down some dinner (grilled chicken, avocado, and a baked potato) and now I'm at my 2nd job in my studio! I have realized that if I want my jewelry to sell, I really need to treat this as a business. This means that I have a schedule.... even if it's flexible. I AM the boss, after all! But I have certain things I need to accomplish, so even though I can keep it loose to suit my creativity and work style, at the end of the week I still need to have created 7 new pieces (one piece a day, on average, is the goal... some days I'll put together 3 or 4 pieces, and other days are devoted to other tasks.....but at the end of the week, I must have 7 new pieces). Also, organizing my room - even if it's a work in progress - has definitely helped my productivity and my inspiration/creativity. It's so much easier to create new pieces when my supplies are organized and my table is semi-clean so that I have space to work.

As with any job, there are certain aspects I don't like much (like the photography - it's just tough to get good pictures of jewelry, but I know I'll get better with practice). I also have a hard time blogging... it's not for lack of ideas, either. But at least making jewelry is a fun job! And since I've begun treating it as an actual job now, I have clearer goals and more motivation to accomplish them. And with that, I am off to create some pieces!


leia said...

Great way to look at it! I am excited to have my own piece!!

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