Happy New Year!

Cheers, 2010! Hope you are a good one! I am sending very positive & happy thoughts your way. Good vibes put out, good vibes got back, right? Well here is a not-very-detailed list of my goals for this year -- at least I'm putting 'em out there!!!

1. Expand garden and/or revamp front yard (am still working on details for these)

2. Incorporate more edible & medicinal plants and herbs into my landscape

3. Learn about and use edible & medicinal plants in my cooking

4. Learn to make wine

5. Build & use a solar oven

6. Learn to bake bread

7. Make homemade yogurt

8. Learn to can

9. Improve my physical fitness (yoga regularly, walking, gym 3x/week)

10. Take a jewelry soldering class

Other things on my wish list:

1. Learn to spin/weave

2. Take a book-binding class

3. Take a PMC jewelry class

4. take some workshops with DesignBuildLive.org - they offer workshops on alternative building materials

5. learn Wildlife Rehabilitation

6. Take a First Aid/CPR class

Travel: Yellowstone & Grand Tetons in Wyoming, then down to Colorado for a family reunion. I really want to take a session at Penland School of Craft in North Carolina, but not sure if I can get away from work.

I have a full schedule and this is in addition to the Art classes I'm taking and my fledgling jewelry-making business. I work part time though so that's nice... I like to have my hands in several different pots, I have ADD.... anyway a Happy New Year to all!


Stephanie said...

i didn't realize you were blogging again...you have been gone long time

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