Featured Metalsmith: Cate, of The Moss Pot

As a new member of the Etsy Aspiring Metalsmiths Team, I have been spending some time (okay, lots of time!) ogling the stunning and inspiring work from my new teammates! The guys and gals on this team are extremely talented and from time to time I would like to feature some of their work on my blog. First up is a little mini-interview about this gorgeous piece from Cate, of The Moss Pot! I love the rustic/polished feel of this piece, and she has done absolutely beautiful metalsmithing work on it.

I asked Cate to share with me the inspiration behind this gorgeous piece:
"I kept coming back to this basket of old photographs in an antique store, but I just didn't know what I would do with them. It finally occurred to me that if I put them behind glass in a bezel setting, they could be worn, and they'd be safe from damage, as well as being magnified. I like that at first glance, you may not notice you're looking at a turn-of-the-century man's suit. It sort of sneaks up on you, and I like that. It's always fun when there's more than just the obvious going on. I made a ring too, to show off his rather handsome face."
What a beautiful way to preserve an antique photo, don't you agree? You can visit Cate at her Etsy shop, TheMossPot, to get your own Antique Boyfriend!


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