diary 2011 project

Just found out about this awesome project (thanks to Linda at IndieCEO for posting this on her blog)! I've reserved Sep 30 2011 (my birthday) and now I'm busy working on my page design.

I also have a little calendar project of my own in the works, and hope to have it ready by the end of June. If you are a handmade jewelry artist or metalsmith, please email me if you are interested in having a photo of one of your pieces in the calendar. Your shop or website url will appear with the photo as well. It will be a free, downloadable and printable PDF to start, released each month for the upcoming month. You could put the pdf on your blog or website and email it to family and friends, or you could print a bunch and mail them to your customers with their packages. Just a fun, free little promotional gift. We'll see how it goes over!!


storybeader said...

I saw your comment over at Linda's blog. I too chose my birthday, Jan 18th. See you in the diary! {:-Deb

Dana said...

Was just looking at the available dates for the calendar and am still trying to decide as my favorite (my birthday) is already taken. So, I'll probably see you on the calendar.

Oh, I am a jewelry designer also so if you need additional photos, I would love to participate in your project.

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