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In Loving Memory - Cuddles
We lost a beloved pet yesterday - Cuddles was our 'gentleman cat' because he was always so sweet and gentle. I don't think I ever saw him fight with any other cats and we've had lots of cats over the years. I say 'we' but Cuddles was originally my sister's cat, from high school, right before I moved out to go to college, and when my sister went to college Cuddles stayed with my mom who became his caretaker. That was about 11 years ago. So Cuddles has lived a long life, and a good one.
In the past few years Cuddles developed diabetes, and my mother had to give him insulin injections every day. Still, Cuddles remained the sweet, loving kitty that he always had been. Here he is with his best friend Screech:
Screech and Cuddles came to live with us at about the same time, and quickly became inseparable. Wherever Cuddles went, Screech would follow... during Cuddles' last few days, Screech was constantly beside him. Here are some more pics of Cuddles with his friends:

from left: Cuddles, Screech, Princess (my mom's 'feral' cat)

Princess, Screech, Cuddles

Now Cuddles has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Smokey, my beloved kitty that left us on March 11, 2008 (and also grew up with Cuddles but came with me when I left for college) will be there to welcome him though.


Kathy said...

I'm so sorry about your kitty. We had 3 cats for many years and then one by one we lost them over the course of about 2 years. I don't have any cats right now, but i do have 2 dogs. I'm thinking maybe in the spring, we will start looking for a kitty. I sure do miss having one.

Your kitty pictures reminded me how cute and cuddly they all are.

Thanks for following my blog. Take care.


lisa said...

sad...but that shot of all 3 of them cuddled together at the door is priceless!! take care...

Bonhomie Jewelry said...

I'm so sorry!! I know how hard it is to lose a member of the family.

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